[sondaggio] Premio IAMRP 1970 - 3° e ultimo appello
(troppo vecchio per rispondere)
i gufi non sono quello che sembrano
2004-04-22 10:02:10 UTC
Hanno votato in 21: mendoza, francofx, precog, switters, LHM, airplane,
jethro tool, nobodyknows, wag, poeto, paca, zerothehero, Valmo, Anticalcio,
Scimmione Senza Raggione, FabioV, luigi fracasso, fabguitar, Ave, Teo,

* Chi non è presente nella lista qua sopra, pur avendo votato, è pregato di
fare un fischio :-)
* Invito tutti coloro che non l'avessero fatto a comunicarmi data di nascita
e sesso.

1) Date un voto a tutti gli album ascoltati fra quelli presenti nella lista
in calce; i voti possono andare da 0 a 10, e sono permessi i quarti di voto
(es. 6,75).
2) Oltre ai voti, scrivete anche il vostro sesso e anno di nascita.
3) Le votazioni si chiudono ad aprile.
4) Esclusioni / inclusioni dei dischi sono sempre discutibili, tenendo conto
di questa regola: vale l'anno di pubblicazione, tranne nei casi di notevole
discrepanza tra pubblicazione e registrazione, caso in cui si tiene per
buono quello di registrazione.

Nucleus "We'll talk about it later"
Davis, Miles "Live Evil"
Davis, Miles "At Fillmore"
McLaughlin, John "My Goals Beyond"
Wyatt, Robert "The End Of An Ear"
Christmas "Heritage"
Hardin & York "The World smallest Bigband"
Buckley, Tim "Lorca"
Argent "Argent"
Amazing Blondel "Evensong"
Clark Hutchinson "A=mh2"
Damon "Song Of A Gypsy"
Bedford & Ayers "The Garden of Love"
Burdon Eric and war "Eric Burdon Declares War"
"Lincoln St." Exit Drive it
Vitous Miroslav "Infinite Search"
Pride "Pride"
Rainbow Band "Rainbow Band"
Sun Ra "solar myth arkestra 1"
Under Milkwood "Under Milkwood"
Virus "Revelation"

Chapman Michael "Rainmaker"
Ame Son "Catalyse"
Spedding, Chis "Backwood Progression"
Spedding, Chris "Song Without Words"
Steamhammer "MarkII"
Lindisfarne "Nicely Out of Tune"
Osmosis "Osmosis"
Denny, Sandy "Sandy Denny"
Carthy, Martin "The Word Is"
Kooper, Al "Easy Does It"
Kooper, Al "Kooper Sessions"
Phillips, Shawn "Contribution"
Byrds "Ballad of Easy Rider"
Little Feat "Little Feat"

Bond, Graham "Solid Bond"
Grateful Dead "Live Dead"
Orang-Utang "Orang-Utang"
Coryell, Larry "Spaces"
Palmer, Bruce "The Cycle is Complete"
Davis, Miles "The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions"
Davis, Miles "The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions"
McLaughlin, John "Devotion"


Lista complessiva:

A. B. Skhy "Rambin' On"
Aardvark "Aardvark (aka Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It)"
A-Austr "Musics from Holy Ground"
Abstract Truth "Heads"
Abstract Truth "Silver Trees"
Ache "De Homine Urbano"
Affinity "Affinity"
Affinity "If You Live"
Agincourt "Fly Away"
Aguaturbia "Psychedelic Drugstore"
Aguaturbia "Volume 2"
Ahora Mazda "Ahora Mazda"
Airto (Moreira) "Natural Feelings"
Alexander Rabbit "The Hunchback of Notre Dame (The Bells Were My Friends)"
Alice "Alice"
Allman Brothers Band, The "American University, Washington D.C. 12/13/70"
Allman Brothers Band, The "Fillmore East Feb 70"
Allman Brothers Band, The "Idlewild South"
Allman Brothers Band, The "Live at Ludlow Garage 1970"
Allman Brothers Band, The "Live at the Atlanta International Pop Festival"
Allwright, Graeme "A Long Distant Present from Thee... 'BECOMING'"
Almendra "Almendra (aka 2)"
Almond Music Machine, The Johnny "Hollywood Blues"
Alpha Centauri "Revival Rock"
Alrune Rod "Hej Du"
Amazing Blondel "Evensong"
Amazing Blondel "The Amazing Blondel"
Amboy Dukes "Marriage on the Rocks - Rock Bottom"
Ame Son "Catalyse"
Amon Düül II "Yeti"
Amory Kane "Just To Be There"
Ancient Grease "Women and Children First"
Anderen "Kannibal Komix"
Anderson, Ian A. "Book of Changes"
Anderson, Ian A. "Royal York Crescent"
Andrews, Harvey "Places and Faces"
Andromeda "Andromeda"
Andwella "World's End"
Annexus Quam "Osmose"
Antunes, Jorge "Savage Songs"
Aorta "2"
Apartment One "Open House"
Apollo "Apollo"
Appleton, Jon / Don Cherry "Human Music"
Aquila "Aquila"
Arbete & Fritid "Arbete & Fritid"
Arcadium "Breathe Awhile"
Arco Iris "Arco Iris"
Ardley, Neil "Greek Variations"
Argent "Argent"
Armaggedon "Armaggedon"
Art Ensemble of Chicago, The "Chi Congo"
Art Ensemble of Chicago, The "Go Home"
Art Ensemble of Chicago, The "Les Stances a Sophie"
Art Ensemble of Chicago, The "Live part 1 (aka Live in Paris)"
Art Ensemble of Chicago, The "Live part 2 (aka Live in Paris)"
Art Ensemble of Chicago, The "Message To Our Folks"
Arvanitas, Georges "Blue Cylinder"
Ashkan "In from the Cold"
Assemblage "Album"
Assembled Multitude "The Assembled Multitude"
Association / Pierre Courbois "Earwax"
Asterix "Asterix"
Atlantic Bridge "Atlantic Bridge"
Atlantic Ocean "Tranquillity Bay"
Atomic Rooster "Atomic Rooster"
Atomic Rooster "Death Walks Behind You"
Attila "Attila"
Audience "Friend's Friend's Friend"
Auger, Brian & The Trinity "Befour"
Aunt Mary "Aunt Mary"
Axe "Axe"
Axelrod, David "Earth Rot"
Ayers, Kevin "Shooting at the Moon"
Ayler, Albert "Fondation Maeght Nights v. 1"
Ayler, Albert "Fondation Maeght Nights v. 2"
Ayler, Albert "Music is the Healing Force of the Universe"
Bachdenkel "Lemmings"
Badfinger "Magic Christian Music"
Badfinger "No Dice"
Baker's Airforce, Ginger "Airforce 2"
Baker's Airforce, Ginger "Ginger Baker's Airforce"
Balletto di Bronzo, Il "Sirio 2222"
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso "Live"
Band, The "Stage Fright"
Bandolero "Bandolero"
Barbieri, Gato "The Third World"
Barbosa, Zelia "Sertão & Favelas"
Barclay James Harvest "Barclay James Harvest"
Bardens, Pete "The Answer"
Bar-Kays, The "Black Rock"
Barley, Brian Trio "Brian Barley Trio"
Baroque Jazz Trio "BJT"
Barrett, Syd "Barrett"
Barrett, Syd "The Madcap Laughs"
Bayle, François "L'Oiseau Chanteur"
Beach Boys, The "Sunflower"
Bead Game "Welcome"
Beast "Higher & Higher"
Beatles, The "Hey Jude"
Beatles, The "Let it Be"
Beaver & Krause "In a Wild Sanctuary"
Beckett, Harry "Flare Up"
Bedford & Ayers "The Garden of Love"
Beggar's Opera "Act One"
Bekaert, Jacques "Summer Music 1970"
Ben-Israel, Danny "Bullshit 3 1/4"
Benson, George "Tell It Like It Is"
Bent Wind "Sussex"
Bethlehem Asylum "Commit Yourself"
Birth Control "Birth Control"
Black Cat Bones "Barbed Wire Sandwich"
Black Pearl "Live"
Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath"
Black Sabbath "Paranoid"
Black Sugar "Black Sugar"
Black Widow "Sacrifice"
Blackfoot, J.D. "The Ultimate Prophecy"
Blake, Tia "Folksongs And Ballads"
Bley, Paul with Gary Peacock "Paul Bley with Gary Peacock"
Blodwyn Pig "Getting to This"
Blonde on Blonde "Rebirth"
Bloodrock "2"
Bloodrock "Bloodrock"
Bloomsbury People, The "The Bloomsbury People"
Blue Cheer "The Original Human Being"
Blue Effect & Jazz Q Praha "Coniunctio"
Blue Effect, The "Meditace (aka Kingdom of Life)"
Blue Sun "Live 1970"
Blue Sun "Peace Be Unto You"
Blues Image "Open"
Blues Image "Red White & Blues Image"
Blues Magoos "Gulf Coast Bound"
Bond, Graham "Holy Magick"
Booker T. & The MG's "McLemore Avenue"
Booz, Emmanuel "Au Restaurant d'Alice"
Borealis "Sons of the Sea"
Bow Street Runners "Bow Street Runners"
Bowie, David "The Man Who Sold the World"
Bown, The Alan "Listen"
Brainchild "Healing of the Lunatic Owl"
Brasil, Victor Assis "Jobim"
Brasil, Victor Assis "The Legacy"
Braxton, Anthony "This Time..."
Bread, Love and Dreams "Strange Tales of Captain Shannon and the Hunchback
of Gigha"
Brecker, Randy "Score"
Brett, Paul "Sage"
Brigade "Last Laugh"
Brimstone "Paper Winged Dreams"
Brincos, Los "Mundo Demonio Carne"
Bronco "Country Home"
Brooks, Roy "The Free Slave"
Brother T & Family "Bralling of the Rock"
Brotzmann, Peter "Fuck De Boere"
Brotzmann, Peter / Fred Van Hove / Han Bennink "Balls"
Broughton Band, Edgar "Sing Brother Sing"
Brown, James "Ain't It Funky"
Brown, James "Sex Machine"
Brown, Marion "Afternoon of a Georgia Faun"
Brown, Pete / Piblokto "Things may come and things may go, but the art
school dance goes on forever"
Brown, Pete / Piblokto "Thousands on a Raft"
Brubeck Trio, Dave "Blues Roots"
Brubeck Trio, Dave & Gerry Mulligan "Dave Brubeck Trio with Gerry Mulligan &
the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra"
Bruce, Jack "Things We Like"
Brute Force "Brute Force"
Bryant, Ray "MCMLXX"
Bryant, Rusty "Soul Liberation"
Buckley, Tim "Lorca"
Buckley, Tim "Starsailor"
Bulldog Breed "Made in England"
Bump "Bump"
Bunyan, Vashti "Just Another Diamond Day"
Burdon Eric and war "Eric Burdon Declares War"
Burnin' Red Ivanhoe "Burnin' Red Ivanhoe"
Burning Plague "Burning Plague"
Bwana "Bwana"
Byrd, Donald "Electric Byrd"
Byrd, Donald "Kofi"
Byrds "(untitled)"
Byrds "Ballad of Easy Rider"
BZN "The Bastard"
Cactus "Cactus"
Caine, Simon "Simon Caine"
Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble "Heliopolis"
Caldera "A Moog Mass / Stabat Mater"
Cale, John & Terry Riley "Church of Anthrax"
Can "Soundtracks"
Candido "Beautiful"
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band "Lick My Decals Off, Baby"
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band "Mirror Man"
Caravan "If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You"
Cargo "Simple Things"
Carter, John / Bobby Bradford Quartet "Self Determination Music"
Carthy, Martin "The Word Is"
Cattouse, Nadia "Earth Mother"
Certain Lions & Tigers "Soul Condor"
Chapman, Michael "Fully Qualified Survivor"
Chapman, Michael "Window"
Charlies "Buttocks"
Checkpoint Charlie "Gruss Gott Mit Hellem Klang"
Chicago "Chicago III"
Chicano, El "Viva Tirado"
Chicken Shack "Accept"
Chil "Rhubarby Feeling"
Children Of Quechua "El Condor Pasa"
Chilliwack "Chilliwack (Parrot label)"
Chilton, Alex "1970"
Chimera "Chimera"
Christmas "Christmas"
Christmas "Heritage"
Christmas, Keith "Fable of the Wings"
Christopher "Christopher"
Cinderella "Cinderella"
Circle "Live In German Concert"
Circus 2000 "Circus 2000"
Clapton, Eric "Eric Clapton"
Clark - Hutchinson "A=mh2"
Clark - Hutchinson "Retribution"
Clear Blue Sky "Clear Blue Sky"
Cleves, The "A Taste of Energy (EP)"
Cleves, The "Music from Michael (EP)"
Coaty's Pop, The "The Coaty's Pop"
Cochise "Cochise"
Cockburn, Bruce "Bruce Cockburn"
Cohelmec Ensemble "Hippotigris Zebra Zebra"
Cohen, Leonard "Songs of Love and Hate"
Colbeck, Ric Quartet "The Sun Is Coming Up"
Coleman, Ornette "Friends and Neighbors: Live at Prince Street"
Collegium Musicum "Collegium Musicum"
Collier Music, Graham "Mosaics"
Collier Music, Graham "Songs For My Father"
Collins, Shirley and Dolly "Love, Death and the Lady"
Colosseum "Daughter of Time"
Coltrane, Alice "Ptah, the El Daoud"
Complex "Complex"
Context 70 "Context 70"
Continuum "Continuum"
Cooder, Ry "Ry Cooder"
Cooper, Alice "Easy Action"
Cooper, Don "Bless the Children"
Corea, Chick "Early Circle"
Corea, Chick "Piano Improvisations Vol. 1"
Corea, Chick "The Song of Singing"
Coronarias Dans "Breathe"
Corporal Gander's Fire Dog Brigade "On The Rocks"
Cosby, Bill "Presenting Badfoot Brown and his Bunions Bradford Funeral
Marching Band"
Cosmic Dealer "Crystallization"
Coupla Prog "Death Is A Great Gambler"
Coupla Prog "Edmundo Lopez: SWF Sessions Vol. 4"
Cousineau, Luc et Lise "Luc et Lise"
Crabby Appleton "Crabby Appleton"
Creative Construction Company "Muhal"
Cressida "Cressida"
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young "Deja Vu"
Crow "Crow by Crow"
Cruciferius "A Nice Way of Life"
Curved Air "Airconditioning"
Cycle "The Cycle"
Cynara "Cynara"
Czar "Czar"
Dada "Dada"
Damnation "Damnation of Adam Blessing"
Damnation "The Second Damnation"
Damon "Song Of A Gypsy"
Dando Shaft "An Evening With"
Daniel Sextet, Ted "Ted Daniel Sextet"
Dasek, Rudolf "Jazz on Six Strings"
Dauner, Wolfgang "Output"
Dauner, Wolfgang "Rischka's Light Faces"
David, Eddie 'Lockjaw' / Johnny Griffin "Tough Tenors"
Davis, Miles "At Fillmore"
Davis, Miles "Bitches Brew"
Davis, Miles "Black Beauty - Live At Fillmore West"
Davis, Miles "Fillmore West, San Francisco CA 17 October 1970 (Live
1970-1973 disc 2)"
Davis, Miles "Live at the Fillmore East (March 7, 1970) It's About That
Davis, Miles "Live Evil"
Davis, Miles "The Cellar Door, Washington, D.C"
Davis, Miles "What I Say Vol. 1"
Davis, Nathan "Makatuka"
Davis, Steve "Music"
Davison, Brian "Every Which Way"
Day of Phoenix "Wide Open N Way"
De Andrè, Fabrizio "La Buona Novella"
De Robertis, Alfredo & Humberto Canto "Missa Barbara"
Dear Mr. Time "Grandfather"
Deep Purple "Concerto for Group and Orchestra"
Deep Purple "In Rock"
Deep Purple "Scandinavian Nights"
DeJohnette, Jack "Have You Heard?"
Delivery "Fools Meeting"
Demian "Demian"
Denny, Sandy "Sandy Denny"
Deviants "Deviants"
Dharma Quintet "Mr. Robinson"
Dharma Trio "Snoopy's Time"
Dionysos "Le Grand Jeu"
Dionysos "Le Prince Croule"
Donaldson, Lou "Everything I Play Is Funky"
Donovan "Cosmic Wheels"
Donovan "Open Road"
Doors, The "Absolutely Live"
Doors, The "Box Set 1: Without a Safety Net"
Doors, The "Box Set 2: Live in New York"
Doors, The "Box Set 3: The Future Ain't What It Used to Be"
Doors, The "Bright Midnight: Live in America"
Doors, The "Essential Rarities"
Doors, The "Live in Detroit"
Doors, The "Morrison Hotel"
Downes, Bob "Deep Down Heavy"
Downes, Bob "Electric City"
Dr. John "Remedies"
Dr. Strangely Strange "Heavy Petting"
Dragonfly "Dragonfly"
Dragonwyck "Dragonwyck"
Drake, Nick "Bryter Layter"
Dreams "Dreams"
Drosselbart "Drosselbart"
Dunbar Retaliation, Aynsley "Blue Whale"
Dunbar Retaliation, Aynsley "To Mum, From Aynsley & the Boys"
Durst, Dude "Krokodil Solo"
Dylan, Bob "New Morning"
Dylan, Bob "Self-Portrait"
Dynastie Crisis "Dynastie Crisis"
Earland, Charles "Black Drops"
Earland, Charles "Black Talk!"
Earland, Charles "Living Black!"
Earth and Fire "Earth and Fire"
Earth Disciples "Getaway Train"
East of Eden "Snafu"
East of Eden "Sound of East Eden Live!"
Eden Rose "On The Way To Eden"
Edison Electric Band "Bless You Dr. Woodward"
Egg "The Polite Force"
Egg Featuring Dave Stewart "Egg"
Einstein, Arik / Shalom Chanoch "Shablool"
Ekseption "Beggar Julia's Time Trip"
Elbaz, Gilles "Les Quatre Elements"
Electric Food "Electric Food"
Elias Hulk "Unchained"
Embryo "Opal"
Emerson, Lake and Palmer "Emerson, Lake and Palmer"
Emerson, Lake and Palmer "Live at the Isle of Wight Festival"
Emerson's Old Timey Custard Suckin' Band "Emerson's Old Timey Custard
Suckin' Band"
Emtidi "Emtidi"
Equipe 84 "ID"
Eric "Eric"
Et Cetera / Wolfgang Dauner "Et Cetera (aka Lady Blue)"
Euclid "Heavy Equipment"
Evolution "Evolution"
Fair Weather "Beginning from an End"
Fairfield Parlour "From Home to Home"
Fairport Convention "Full House"
Fairport Convention "House Full"
Family "A Song For Me"
Family "Anyway"
Famous Jug Band "Chameleon"
Fanny "Fanny"
Fantasy "Fantasy"
Faraway Folk "Live at the Bolton"
Farmyard "Farmyard"
Farrell, Joe "Joe Farrell Quartet"
Fat "Fat"
Feather "Friends By Feather"
Fenner, Leland & O'Brien "Somewhere, Someday, Somehow"
Fenster "Doch Wir"
Ferland, Jean-Pierre "Jaune"
Ferrari, Luc "Hétérozygote / J'Ai Eté Coupé"
Ferrari, Luc "Interrupteur - Tautologos 3"
Ferrari, Luc "Preque Rien N°1 - Société II"
Ferrari, Luc "Und So Weiter / Music Promenade"
Fever Tree "For Sale"
Fickle Pickle "Sinful Skinful"
Finn, Simon "Pass the Distance"
Fire "The Magic Shoemaker"
Fischer, William S. "Circles"
Fitzgerald, G.F. "Mouseproof"
Five Day Rain "Five Day Rain (aka Rough Cut Marmalade)"
Five Man Electrical Band "Goodbyes and Butterflies"
Flashmen, I "Cercando La Vita"
Fläsket Brinner "The Swedish Radio Recordings 1970-1975 (disc 1): Oct. 26,
Fleetwood Mac "Kiln House"
Fleetwood Mac "Live at the Boston Tea Party Part One (1970)"
Fleetwood Mac "Live at the Boston Tea Party Part Three (1970)"
Fleetwood Mac "Live at tht Boston Tea Party Part Two (1970)"
Fleetwood Mac "Show-Biz Blues - 1968 to 1970 - Volume 2"
Floh de Cologne "Fleissbandbaby's Beat Show"
Flower Travellin' Band "Anywhere"
Flower Travellin' Band "Kuni Kawachi & Flower Travellin' Band"
Flying Burrito Brothers "Burrito Deluxe"
Focus "In and Out of Focus"
Food Brain "A Social Gathering"
Forest "Full Circle"
Forestier, Louise "Avec Enzymes"
Forever More "Yours"
Formula 3 "Dies Irae"
Fortier, Jean "Jean Fortier"
Fotheringay "Fotheringay"
Fourth Way, The "The Sun and The Moon Have Come Together"
Fourth Way, The "Werwolf"
Fox, The "For Fox Sake vol 1"
Frantz "Peut Etre Aux Yeux Silence"
Free "Fire and Water"
Free "Highway"
Free Orbit "Free Orbit"
Freed "Freed"
Freedom "At Last"
Freedom "Through the Years"
Freedom North "Freedom North"
Freedoms Children "Astra"
Fremont's Group "The Best Of Jimme Hendrix"
Frijid Pink "Frijid Pink"
Frost, The "Through the Eyes of Love"
Frumpy "All Will Be Changed"
Fugs, The "Golden Filth"
Funkadelic "Funkadelic"
Furekaaben "Prinsessevaerelset"
Galliard "New Dawn"
Garbarek, Jan / Quartet "Afric Pepperbird"
Garrick, Michael "The Heart Is A Lotus"
Garrie, Nick "The Nightmare Of J.B.Stanislas"
Geesin, Ron "Music From the Body"
Geijerstam, Claes Af "Out of My Hair"
Genesis "Trespass"
Gentle Giant "Gentle Giant"
Ghost Opera "Ghost Opera"
Ghost, The "When You're Dead - One Second"
Gibbs, Michael "Michael Gibbs"
Gilberto, Astrud "I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do"
Gillespie, Dizzy "The Real Thing"
Gismonti, Egberto "Orfeo Novo"
Gismonti, Egberto "Sonho 70"
Glass Harp "Glass Harp"
Gleemen "Gleemen"
Globe Unity Orchestra "Globe Unity '67 & '70"
Goldberg, Barry "Ivar Avenue Reunion"
Golden Earring "Golden Earring"
Goldenrod "Goldenrod"
Gomorrha "Gomorrha"
Gong "Camembert Eclectique"
Gong "Magick Brother"
Goykovich, Dusko / International Quintet "As Simple As It Is - Live at the
Gracious "Gracious!"
Grail "Grail"
Grand Funk Railroad "Grand Funk (aka Red Album)"
Grateful Dead, The "American Beauty"
Grateful Dead, The "Dick's Picks Volume 4: New York, NY 2/13-14/70"
Grateful Dead, The "Dick's Picks Volume 8: Harpur Collge, Binghamton, NY
Gravy Train "Gravy Train"
Greatest Show on Earth "Horizons"
Greatest Show on Earth "The Going's Easy"
Grechuta, Marek "Marek Grechuta"
Green Lyte Sunday "Green Lyte Sunday"
Green, Grant "Alive!"
Green, Grant "Green Is Beautiful"
Green, Peter "The End of the Game"
Greene, Burton "Celesphere"
Greenwich, Sonny / Don Thompson "The Old Man And The Child"
Gregorio, Guillermo "Otra Musica"
Groundhogs "Thank Christ for the Bomb"
Gudibrallan "Uti Vår Hage"
Guess Who "American Woman"
Gunder Hagg "Vargatider"
Guru Guru "Essen 1970"
Guru Guru "UFO"
Gypsy "Gypsy"
Haack, Bruce "The Electric Lucifer"
Hahn Brotherhood, Jerry "The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood"
Hair "Hairpiece"
Hairy Chapter "Eyes"
Hampel, Gunter / Boulou Ferré "Espace"
Hampton Grease Band "Music to Eat"
Hancock, Herbie "Fat Albert Rotunda"
Handgjort "Handgjort"
Hannibal "Hannibal"
Hansson, Bo "Sagan om Ringen (aka Lord of the Rings)"
Hard Meat "Hard Meat"
Hard Meat "Through a Window"
Hardin & York "The World smallest Bigband"
Harper, Roy "Flat Baroque & Berserk"
Harris, Don Sugarcane "Keep on Driving"
Harris, Eddie "Come on Down!"
Harris, Eddie "Live At Newport"
Harrison, George "All Things Must Pass"
Hate "Hate Kills"
Havens, Richie "Stonehenge"
Hawkwind "Hawkwind"
Head Machine "Orgasm"
Heath, Albert "Kawaida"
Henderson, Joe "If You're Not Part of the Solution, You're Part of the
Hendrix, Jimi "Band of Gypsys 2"
Hendrix, Jimi "Band of Gypsys"
Hendrix, Jimi "Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live at the Isle of Wight"
Hendrix, Jimi "Blues"
Hendrix, Jimi "Crash Landing"
Hendrix, Jimi "First Rays of the New Rising Sun"
Hendrix, Jimi "In the West"
Hendrix, Jimi "Live at Berkeley"
Hendrix, Jimi "Morning Symphony Ideas"
Hendrix, Jimi "South Saturn Delta"
Hendrix, Jimi "The Jimi Hendrix Concerts 68-70"
Hendrix, Jimi "The Rainbow Bridge Concert"
Henry, Pierre "Messe de Liverpool"
Henry, Pierre "Mouvement-Rythme-Etude"
Heron "Heron"
Hicks, Dan & His Hot Licks "Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks (a.k.a. Original
High Tide "High Tide"
High Tide "Interesting Time"
High Tide "Precious Cargo"
Hill, Andrew "One For One"
Hino Quintet, Terumasa "Into The Heaven"
Hino, Motohiko "First Album"
Hino, Terumasa "Journey to Air"
Hino, Terumasa / Quintet "Hi-Nology"
Hinze Combination, Chris "Stoned Flute"
Holden, Randy "Population II"
Horse "Horse"
Hot Tuna "Hot Tuna"
Houston "Houston"
Hubbard, Freddie "Red Clay"
Hubbard, Freddie "Straight Life"
Hubbard, Freddie "The Black Angel"
Hubbard, Freddie / Stanley Turrentine "In Concert Volume One"
Hubbard, Freddie / Stanley Turrentine "In Concert Volume Two"
Human Beast "Vol. 1"
Human Instinct "Stoned Guitar"
Humble Pie "Humble Pie"
Humphrey, Paul "The Cool-Aid Chemists"
Hungry Wolf "Hungry Wolf"
Hutcherson, Bobby "San Francisco"
I.D. Company "I.D. Company"
Ides of March "Vehicle"
If "If 2"
If "If"
Ihre Kinder "Empty Hands"
Ihre Kinder "Leere Haende"
Illinois Speed Press "Duet"
Incredible String Band "Be Glad for the Song Has No Ending"
Incredible String Band "I Looked Up"
Incredible String Band "U"
Infonie, L' "Vol. 33 (aka Mantra )"
Insect Trust, The "Hoboken Saturday Night"
Invaders "Spacing Out"
Irish Coffee "Irish Coffee"
Iron Butterfly "Live"
Iron Butterfly with Mike Pinera & Larry Rhinehart "Metamorphosis"
Iron Maiden "Maiden Voyage"
It's a Beautiful Day "Marrying Maiden"
It's All Meat "It's All Meat"
J.R.E. "Jazz Rock Experience"
Jackson Heights "Kings Progress"
Jade "Fly on Strange Wings"
Jamal, Ahmad "The Awakening"
James Gang "Rides Again"
Jan Dukes de Grey "Sorcerers"
Jarvis Street Revue "Mr. Oil Man"
Jason's Fleece "Jason's Fleece"
Jenghiz Khan "Well Cut"
Jethro Tull "Benefit"
Jodo "Guts"
Jody Grind "Far Canal"
John, Elton "Elton John"
John, Elton "Tumbleweed Connection"
Jones, Elvin "Coalition"
Jones, Elvin "Poly-Currents"
Joy Unlimited "Overground"
Judas Jump "Scorch"
Julians Treatment "A Time Before This"
Jupiter Sunset "Jupiter Sunset"
Just Music "Just Music"
Justine "Justine"
Kaleidoscope "Bernice"
Kaleidoscope "White Faced Lady"
Kallabash Corp. "Kallabash Corp."
Kantner, Paul & Grace Slick "Blows Against The Empire"
Karelia "Suomi Pop"
Kenyatta, Robin "Girl From Martinique"
Kessler, Siegfried / Barre Phillips / Steve McCall "Live At Gill's Club"
Khazad Doom "Level 6 1/2 (aka Encore)"
Kiesewetter Train, Knut "Stop! Watch! and Listen!"
Killing Floor "Killing Floor"
King Crimson "In the Wake of Poseidon"
King Crimson "Lizard"
Kingdom "Kingdom"
Kinks, The "Lola Vs. Powerman and the Money-Go-Round Vol. 1"
Kirk, Roland "Rahsaan, Rahsaan"
Klan "Mrowisko"
Kluster "Klopfzeichen"
Koivistoinen, Eero "For Children"
Kooper, Al "Easy Does It"
Kooper, Al "Kooper Sessions"
Kosinec, Tony "Bad Girl Songs"
Kraftwerk "Kraftwerk"
Krokodil "Swamp"
Kynard, Charles "Wa-tu-wa-zui"
Lagger Blues Machine "Tanit Live"
Laurelie "Laurelie"
Led Zeppelin "III"
Lee, Rita "Build Up"
Lejeune, Jacques "Petite Suite - D'Une Multitude En Fête"
Lennon, John "Plastic Ono Band"
Leopold, Perry "Experiment in Metaphysics"
Life "Life"
Limbus 4 "Mandalas"
Lincoln St. "Exit Drive it"
Lindisfarne "Nicely Out of Tune"
Lindquist, Freddy "Menu"
Little Feat "Little Feat"
Lord, Jon "Gemini Suite"
Lost Nation "Paradise Lost"
Louiss / Surman / Humair "Our Kind Of Sabi"
Louiss, Eddy "Eddy Louis"
Love "False Start"
Love "Out Here"
Lowther Band, Henry "Children at Play"
Lucier, Alvin "I Am Sitting In A Room"
Lucifer's Friend "Lucifer's Friend"
Lundsten, Ralph "Erik XIV - Och Ristningar"
Lundsten, Ralph "Musik for Cramerballeten"
Lundsten, Ralph / Yngve Gamlin "Ölskog"
Machine "Machine"
MacLise, Angus "Brain Damage in Oklahoma City"
Made in Sweden "Live! At the Golden Circle"
Made in Sweden "Made in England (aka Mad River)"
Madrigal "Madrigal"
Magic Bubble "Magic Bubble"
Magma "Magma"
Magna Carta "Seasons"
Magny, Colette "Feu et Rhythme"
Mahogany "Mahogany"
Majic Ship "Majic Ship"
Malaria "Malaria"
Malec, Ivo "Sigma"
Man "To Live For To Die"
Mandel, Harvey "Games Guitars Play"
Mangelsdorff, Albert "Never Let It End"
Mann, Herbie "Stone Flute"
Mann, Manfred "Chapter Three, Volume Two"
Manning, Terry "Home Sweet Home"
Manset, Gerard "La Mort d'Orion"
Manson Family, The "The Manson Family Sing the Songs of Charles Manson"
Mantra "Mantra"
Manuel, Gerardo & El Humo "Apocallypsis"
Maquina del Sonido, La "La Maquina del Sonido"
Mariani "Perpetuum Mobile"
Markusfeld, Alain "Le Monde en Etages"
Marsupilami "Marsupilami"
Martyn, John & Beverly "Road to Ruin"
Martyn, John & Beverly "Stormbringer"
Mashmakhan "Mashmakhan"
Mason, Dave "Alone Together"
Matusow's Jew's Harp Band, Harvey "War Between Fats and Thins"
May Blitz "May Blitz"
Mayall, John "Empty Rooms"
Mayfield, Curtis "Curtis"
Maypole "Maypole"
MC5 "Back in the USA"
McCartney, Paul "McCartney"
McDonald and Giles "McDonald and Giles"
McDonald, Shelagh "The Shelagh McDonald Album"
McDuff, Brother Jack "Moon Rappin'"
McGuinness Flint "McGuinness Flint"
McIntyre, Kalaparusha Maurice "Forces And Feelings"
McKendree Spring "Second Thoughts"
McLaughlin, John "My Goals Beyond"
McNair, Harold "The Fence"
McNeill Quartet, The Lloyd "Asha 3: Washington Suite"
McPhee, Joe "Nation Time"
Medicine Head "New Bottles Old Medicine"
Melchior Alias "Melchior Alias"
Mellow Candle "The Virgin Prophet"
Menestriers "Les Ménestriers"
Menny, Bruno "Cosmographie"
Meters, The "Look-A-Py-Py"
Meters, The "Struttin'"
Meyers, Prof. Emerson "Provocative Electronics (Electronic Constructions On
Michaels, Lee "Barrel"
Miles, Barry "Barry Miles"
Miles, Buddy "Them Changes"
Mill Supply "Mill Supply"
Miller Band, Steve "Number 5"
Miller, Dave / Leith Corbett "Reflections of a Pioneer"
Min Bul "Min Bul"
Mitchell, Joni "Ladies of the Canyon"
Mobley, Hank "Thinking of Home"
Modern Jazz Quintet Karlsruhe "Position 2000"
Modulo 1000 "Nao Fale Com Parades"
Modulos "Realidad"
Moody Blues, The "A Question of Balance"
Morgan, Lee "Live At The Lighthouse (3-CD version)"
Morning Calm "Song Under a Tree"
Morrison, Van "His Band and the Street Choir"
Morrison, Van "Moondance"
Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck "Starting a New Day"
Motherhood "Doldinger's Motherhood"
Mott the Hoople "Mad Shadows"
Mountain "Climbing!"
Move, The "Shazam"
Mr. Albert Show "Mr. Albert Show"
Mr. Fox "Mr. Fox"
Mucchio, Il "Il Mucchio"
Muhammad, Idris "Black Rhythm Revolution"
Murphy Blend "First Loss"
Music (aka Buzzy Linhart) "Music (aka Buzzy Linhart Is Music - lp 1)"
Music Improvisation Company "Music Improvisation Company"
Musica Elettronica Viva "Leave the City"
Mutantes "A Divina Comedia Ou"
Nascimento, Milton "Milton"
Nazz "Nazz III"
Negative Space "Hard, Heavy, Mean & Evil"
Neuron "For What We Are"
New Dawn, The "There's a New Dawn"
New Jazz Trio (Schoof / Cee / Trunk) "Alternate Takes"
New Jazz Trio (Schoof / Cee / Trunk) "Page One"
New Trolls "New Trolls"
Nice, The "Five Bridges"
Niebiesko-Czarni "Twarze"
Nilovic, Janko "Psyc' Impressions"
Nite-Liters, The "The Nite-Liters"
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band "Uncle Charlie & His Dog Teddy"
Noah "Noah"
Nosferatu "Nosferatu"
Nouvelle Frontiere, La "La Nouvelle Frontière"
Nouvelle Frontiere, La "L'Hymne aux Quenouilles"
Novac "The Fifth Word"
November "En ny tid är här"
Nucleus "Elastic Rock"
Nucleus "We'll Talk About It Later"
Octopus "Restless Night"
Odmenn "Odmenn"
Oliver Klaus "Oliver Klaus"
Omega "Jszakai Országút"
Omnibus "Omnibus"
Ono, Yoko / Plastic Ono Band "Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band"
Opus III & Friends "Opus III & Friends"
Orange Peel "Orange Peel"
Oregon "Our First Record"
Organisation "Tone Float"
Oriental Sunshine "Dedicated to the Bird We Love"
Original Pop Corn "Original Pop Corn"
Orme, Le "L'Aurora"
Os Mundi "Latin Mass"
Oskarbi "Oskarbi"
Osmosis "Osmosis"
Otis, Shuggie "Here Comes Shuggie Otis"
Out of Darkness "Out of Darkness"
Out of Focus "Wake Up"
Oxfords "Flying Up Through the Sky"
Oxley, Tony "4 Compositions for Sextet"
Pacific Drift "Feelin' Free"
Pacific Gas & Electric "Are You Ready?"
Paisleys "Cosmic Mind at Play"
Palmer, Bruce "The Cycle is Complete"
Pan "Pan"
Panama Limited Jug Band "Indian Summer"
Papa Bear's Medicine Show "A Memory Album"
Parks, Van Dyke "Discover America"
Parliament "Osmium"
Parmegiani, Bernard "Violostries"
Pascal, Nik (Nik Raicevic) "Head"
Passing Clouds "Hawks and Doves"
Patto "Patto"
Patton, John "Memphis To New York Spirit"
Paul Nero (Klaus Doldinger) "In South America: El Condor Pasa"
Pazop "Opera Pop"
Peacock, Gary "Eastward"
Pearls Before Swine "The Use of Ashes"
Pearson, Duke "I Don't Care Who Knows It"
Pentagon "Die Vertreibung der Bosen Geister auf dem Pentagon"
Pentangle "Cruel Sister"
Perhacs, Linda "Parallelograms"
Perrey, Jean-Jacques "Moog Indigo"
Perth County Conspiracy "Does Not Exist"
Phantasia "Walkenhorst & DePugh"
Phillips, Barre "Basse Barre"
Phillips, Shawn "Contribution"
Phillips, Shawn "Contribution"
Piazzolla, Astor y Su Orquesta "Pulsacion"
Pictures "Pictures"
Pike Set, Dave "Doors of Perception"
Pike Set, Dave "Infra-Red"
Pike Set, Dave "Live at the Philharmonie"
Pink Floyd "Atom Heart Mother"
Pooh, I "Memorie"
Popp, André "Le Coeur En Fête"
Portal, Michel "Alors!"
Pot Liquor "Levee Blues"
Power of Zeus "The Gospel According to Zeus"
Preston, Billy "Encouraging Words"
Pretty Things, The "Parachute"
Pride "Pride"
Procol Harum "Home"
Proyecto 'A' "Proyecto 'A'"
Psycheground Group "Psycheground"
Pugh (Rogefeldt) "Pughish"
Pugsley Munion "Just Like You"
Q65 "Afghanistan"
Quarteto 1111 "Quarteto 1111"
Quatermass "Quatermass"
Quicksilver Messenger Service "Just for Love"
Quicksilver Messenger Service "What About Me"
Quiet World "The Road"
Quintessence "Dive Deep"
Quintessence "Quintessence"
Quintessence "Self"
Rainbow Band "Rainbow Band"
Rare Bird "As Your Mind Flies By"
Rare Earth "Ecology"
Raw Material "Raw Material"
Red Noise "Sarcelles-Locheres"
Redbone "Potlatch"
Redbone "Redbone"
Redman, Dewey "Tarik"
Reich, Steve "Phase Patterns / Pendulum Music / Piano Phase / Four Organs"
Reign Ghost "Featuring Lynda Squires"
Renaissance "Illusion"
Renaissance "Live and Direct"
Ribeiro & Alpes, Catherine "Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes - No. 2 (aka Catherine
Ribeiro & Alpes)"
Rich Big Band, Buddy "Keep the Customer Satisfied"
Riley, Howard "The Day Will Come"
Rime, Françoise "Troubadour"
Robert E. Lee Brigade "Far Enough"
Rocchi, Claudio "Viaggio"
Rock Workshop "Rock Workshop"
Rolling Stones, The "Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!"
Room "Pre-Flight"
Royal Servants "We"
Rufus Zuphall "Weiss der Teufel"
Rumpelstiltskin "Rumpelstiltskin"
Rundgren, Todd "Runt"
Russell, George / Sextet "Trip To Prillarguri"
Rustic Hinge "Replicas"
Sabicas "Rock Encounter"
Sainte Anthony's Fyre "Sainte Anthony's Fyre"
Salzman, Eric "The Nude Paper Sermon"
Sanders, Pharoah "Summun, Bukmun, Umyun (aka Deaf Dumb Blind)"
Santana "Abraxas"
Santoni, I "Noi"
Savage Grace "Savage Grace"
Savage Rose "Your daily gift"
Savopoulos, Dionysis "To Perivoli Tou Trellou (Garden of a Fool)"
Savoy Brown "Looking In"
Savoy Brown "Raw Sienna"
Schwarz, Brinsley "Brinsley Schwarz"
Schwarz, Brinsley "Despite It All"
Screaming Lord Sutch "Screaming Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends"
Sea Train "Sea Train"
Servat, Gilles "La Blanche Hermine"
Sex "Sex"
Shaffy, Ramses "Sunset Sunkiss"
Shankar, Ananda "Ananda Shankar"
Sharrock, Sonny "Monkey-Pockie-Boo"
Shepp, Archie "Black Gypsy"
Shepp, Archie "Coral Rock"
Shepp, Archie & Full Moon Ensemble "Live in Antibes vol. 1"
Shepp, Archie & Full Moon Ensemble "Live in Antibes vol. 2"
Shorter, Wayne "Moto Grosso Feio"
Shorter, Wayne "Odyssey of Iska"
Siloah "Saureadler"
Simmons, Sonny "Burning Spirits"
Simon and Garfunkel "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"
Sir Lord Baltimore "Kingdom Come"
Six Feet Under "In Retrospect 1969-70"
Skaldowie "Od Wschodu Do Zachodu Slonca"
Skaldowie "TY"
Skid Row "Skid"
Skidmore Quintet, Alan "TCB"
Skin Alley "To Pagham & Beyond"
Small Faces "First Step"
Smith, Lonnie "Drives"
Smith, Lonnie "Live at Club Mozambique"
Smyle "Smyle"
Soft Machine "Backwards"
Soft Machine "Facelift"
Soft Machine "In Europe 1970"
Soft Machine "Live At The Proms 1970"
Soft Machine "Noisette"
Soft Machine "Peel Sessions"
Soft Machine "Third"
Som Imaginario "Som Imaginario (first)"
Someone's Band "Someone's Band"
Souls of Inspyration "Souls of Inspyration"
Sound Factory "Sound Factory"
Sparks, Melvin "Sparks!"
Spedding, Chis "Backwood Progression"
Spedding, Chris "Song Without Words"
Speed, Glue & Shinki "Eve"
Sperm "Shh!"
Spiders, The "Back"
Spirit "The Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus"
Spontaneous Music Ensemble "For You to Share"
Sproton Layer "With Magnetic Fields Disrupted"
SRC "Traveler's Tale"
St. John's Copperwine, Jeff "Joint Effort"
Stalk-Forrest Group "St. Cecelia: The Elektra Recordings"
Stanko, Tomasz "Music for K"
Stark Reality "Discovers Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop"
Steamhammer "MarkII"
Steamhammer "Mountains"
Steeleye Span "Hark! The Village Wait"
Steig, Jeremy "Energy"
Steig, Jeremy "Legwork"
Stevens, Cat "Mona Bone Jakon"
Stevens, Cat "Tea for the Tillerman"
Stevens, Meic "Outlander"
Stewart, Al "Zero She Flies"
Stewart, Rod "Gasoline Alley"
Stewart, Rod "The Rod Stewart Album"
Stivell, Alan "Reflets"
Stone the Crows "Ode to John Law"
Stooges "Fun House"
Storyteller "Storyteller"
Strawbs "Dragonfly"
Strawbs "Just a Collection of Antiques and Curios"
Stray "Stray"
Streng, Pekka with Tasavallan Presidentti "Magneettimiehen kuolema"
Structure "Pop Music"
Sub "In Concert"
Suck "Time to Suck"
Sugarloaf "Sugarloaf"
Sun Also Rises, The "The Sun Also Rises"
Sun Ra "Black Myth"
Sun Ra "Fondation Maeght Nights, Volume 1"
Sun Ra "Fondation Maeght Nights, Volume 2"
Sun Ra "It's After the End of the World (Live at Donaueschingen & Berlin
Sun Ra "My Brother the Wind Volume II (aka Otherness)"
Sun Ra "Out in Space"
Sun Ra "Out There a Minute"
Sun Ra "solar myth arkestra 1"
Supersister "Present From Nancy"
Supertramp "Supertramp"
Supra Pop Impressions "Supra Pop Impressions"
Surman, John "How Many Clouds Can You See"
Surman, John (The Trio) "John Surman (Vogue Jazz Double)"
Surman, John / Trio "Live In Altena"
Sweet Smoke "Just a Poke"
Syrinx "Syrinx"
T. Rex "T. Rex"
T. Rex "The Peel Sessions (EP)"
T.P. Smoke "T.P. Smoke"
T2 "It'll All Work Out in Boomland"
Takayanagi, Masayuki / New Direction "Live Independence"
Talix "Spuren"
Tamam Shud "Goolutionites & The Real People"
Tangerine Dream "Electronic Meditation"
Tarro de Mostaza, El "El Tarro de Mostaza"
Tasavallan Presidentti "Tasavallan Presidentti (different Swedish release)"
Taste "On the Boards"
Tea & Symphony "Jo Sago"
Tear Gas "Piggy Go Getter"
Tears "Tears"
Ten Wheel Drive "Brief Replies"
Ten Years After "Cricklewood Green"
Ten Years After "Live at the Fillmore East"
Ten Years After "Watt"
Terje, Jesper og Joachim "Terje, Jesper og Joachim"
Thelin, Eje "Acoustic Space"
Theus, Fats "Black Out"
Third Ear Band "Abelard and Heloise"
Third Ear Band "Third Ear Band"
Third Eye "Brother"
Third Eye "Searching"
Third Power "Believe"
Third Wave, The "Here and Now"
Thollot, Jacques "Quand le Son Devient Aigu, Jeter la Girafe a la Mer"
Thomas, Leon "The Leon Thomas Album"
Thomopoulos, Andreas "Songs Of The Street"
Thornton, Clifford "The Panther and the Lash"
Thrice Mice "Thrice Mice"
Thunderclap Newman "Hollywood Dream"
Tin House "Tin House"
Tippett, Keith "You Are Here, I Am There"
Titanic "Titanic"
Titus Groan "Titus Groan"
Toefat "Toefat"
Togashi, Masahiko / Mototeru Tagaki "Isolation"
Tomorrow's Gift "Tomorrow's Gift"
Träd, Gräs och Stenar "Gärdet 12.6.1970"
Trader Horne "The Morning Way"
Traffic "John Barleycorn Must Die"
Traffic Sound "Traffic Sound (aka Tibet's Suzettes)"
Traffic Sound "Virgin"
Trapeze "Medusa"
Trapeze "Trapeze"
Trebol "Mujer Viajera"
Trees "On the Shore"
Trees "The Garden of Jane Delawney"
Triangle "Triangle (I)"
Trio Camara "Trio Camara"
Trio, The "The Trio"
Trip, The "The Trip"
Troyka "Troyka"
Trúbrot "Undir Ahrifum"
Trust "Le Mutant"
Truth "Of Them and Other Tales"
Truth "Truth"
Tully "Tully"
Tusques, François "Piano Dazibao"
Twink "Think Pink"
Tyner, McCoy "Asante"
Tyner, McCoy "Extensions"
Tyrannosaurus Rex "A Beard of Stars"
Under Milkwood "Under Milkwood"
Underground Failure "Underground Failure"
Unspoken Word, The "The Unspoken Word"
Uriah Heep "Uriah Heep (aka Very 'eavy Very 'umble)"
Vallancien, Daniel & Philippe Maté "Vallencien / Maté"
Van der Graaf Generator "H to HE Who Am the Only One"
Van der Graaf Generator "The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other"
Van Dyke, Earl "The Earl of Funk"
Vangelis "Sex Power (soundtrack)"
Vanilla Fudge "Rock & Roll"
Variations "Nador"
Various Artists "High All The Time Vol. 2"
Velvet Underground "Loaded"
Vildkaktus "Tidsmaskinen"
Virus "Revelation"
Vitous, Miroslav "Infinite Search"
Vitous, Miroslav "Purple"
Vlasman, Ton "White Rooms with Desintegrating Walls"
Voices Of East Harlem "No, No, No"
Vox Dei "Caliente"
Wakhevitch, Igor "Logos"
Waldron Trio, Mal "Free At Last"
Waldron, Mal "The Opening"
Walker, Hysear Don "Complete Expressions"
Walrus "Walrus"
War "The Black Man's Burdon"
Warhorse "Warhorse (aka Vulture Blood)"
Warm Dust "And It Came To Pass (aka Dreams of Impossibilities)"
Warpig "Warpig"
Watanabe, Sadao "Round Trip"
Waterloo "First Battle"
Wazoo "Wazoo"
Web "I Spider"
Web "Theraphosa Blondi"
Westwind "Love Is..."
Whalefeathers "Whalefeathers"
White Light "White Light"
Who, The "Live at Leeds"
Who, The "Live at the Isle Of Wight"
Wigwam "Tombstone Valentine"
Williams Lifetime, Tony "Turn It Over"
Winter Consort, Paul "Road"
Winter, Johnny "And..."
Wishbone Ash "Wishbone Ash"
Witthuser, Bernd "Lieder von Vampiren"
Wizards From Kansas "Wizards From Kansas"
Woods, Phil / European Rhythm Machine "Chromatic Banana"
Wright, Frank "Church Number Nine"
Wright, Frank / Quartet "Uhuru Na Umoja"
Wright, Gary "Extraction"
Wyatt, Robert "The End Of An Ear"
Yanagida, Hiro "Milk Time"
Yes "Time and a Word"
Young, Neil "After the Gold Rush"
Youngbloods, The "Rock Festival"
Zappa & The Mothers of Invention "Burnt Weeny Sandwich"
Zappa & The Mothers of Invention "Live in Europa"
Zappa & The Mothers of Invention "Weasels Ripped My Flesh"
Zappa, Frank "Chunga's Revenge"
Zappa, Frank "Disconnected Synapses"
Zappa, Frank "Freaks & Motherfu*#@%!"
Zappa, Frank "Tengo Na' Minchia Tanta"
Zimmermann, Bernd Alois / Manfred Schoof Quintet "The Numbered
Improvisations / Tratto"
Zoller, Attila "Gypsy Cry"
Zoo "I Shall be Free"
Zweistein "Trip - Flip Out - Meditation"
ZZ Top "First Album"
2004-04-22 11:10:16 UTC
sesso: m
data di nascita: 15/04/78

2004-04-23 16:49:03 UTC
sesso: maschio
data nascita: 12/11/1976

Affinity "Affinity" 7
Amon Düül II "Yeti" 8
Andromeda "Andromeda" 8 (1969?)
Atomic Rooster "Death Walks Behind You" 6,75
Beatles, The "Hey Jude" 6,5
Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath" 7
Black Widow "Sacrifice" 7,75
Caravan "If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You" 8,5
Circus 2000 "Circus 2000" 6
Colosseum "Daughter of Time" 7,5
Cressida "Cressida" 7,25
Curved Air "Airconditioning" 8
Deep Purple "In Rock" 7
Embryo "Opal" 7
Emerson, Lake and Palmer "Emerson, Lake and Palmer" 8,5
Family "Anyway" 7,5
Forest "Full Circle" 7,75
Genesis "Trespass" 8,5
Gentle Giant "Gentle Giant" 7,25
Gong "Camembert Eclectique" 9
Gracious "Gracious!" 8,5
Guru Guru "UFO" 7,25
Hansson, Bo "Sagan om Ringen (aka Lord of the Rings)" 7,5
Hawkwind "Hawkwind" 7
High Tide "High Tide" 8
It's a Beautiful Day "Marrying Maiden" 6,5
Jethro Tull "Benefit" 7,5
King Crimson "In the Wake of Poseidon" 7,5
King Crimson "Lizard" 8
Led Zeppelin "III" 7,5
Lucifer's Friend "Lucifer's Friend" 7,25
Moody Blues, The "A Question of Balance" 7
Nice, The "Five Bridges" 7
Nucleus "Elastic Rock" 7
Nucleus "We'll Talk About It Later" 7,5
Pink Floyd "Atom Heart Mother" 7,5
Quatermass "Quatermass" 7,5
Tangerine Dream "Electronic Meditation" 6,75
Tyrannosaurus Rex "A Beard of Stars" 7,5
Van der Graaf Generator "H to HE Who Am the Only One" 8
Van der Graaf Generator "The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other" 8
Wyatt, Robert "The End Of An Ear" 7,5

Titoli aggiunti:

Amon Duul "Para Dieswarts Duul" 7,5
Electric Toilet, The "In The Hands Of Karma" 6,75
Homer "Grown In USA" 7,5
Julius Victor "From The Nest" 6
Second Hand "Death May Be Your Santa Claus" 8,5

i gufi non sono quello che sembrano
2004-04-28 16:23:16 UTC
"i gufi non sono quello che sembrano" <***@despammed.com> ha
scritto nel messaggio news:CKMhc.87384$***@news3.tin.it...


occhei, mi espongo anch'io :-)

Affinity "Affinity" --> 6,5

Amon Düül II "Yeti" --> 7,5

Amory Kane "Just To Be There" --> 7

Andwella "World's End" --> 6,75

Balletto di Bronzo, Il "Sirio 2222" --> 5

Barrett, Syd "Barrett" --> 7

Barrett, Syd "The Madcap Laughs" --> 7,25

Beatles, The "Let it Be" --> 6,75

Black Sabbath "Black Sabbath" --> 7,5

Black Sabbath "Paranoid" --> 7,25

Caravan "If I Could Do It All Over Again" --> 8,5

Clark - Hutchinson "A=mh2" --> 6

Clear Blue Sky "Clear Blue Sky" --> 6,75

Cressida "Cressida" --> 7

Curved Air "Airconditioning" --> 5

Davison, Brian "Every Which Way" --> 6,5

De Andrè, Fabrizio "La Buona Novella" --> 7

Deep Purple "In Rock" --> 7,5

Dionysos "Le Prince Croule" --> 5,5

Doors, The "Morrison Hotel" --> 6,25

Drake, Nick "Bryter Layter" --> 8

East of Eden "Snafu" --> 6,5

Emerson, Lake and Palmer "Same" --> 8

Emerson, Lake and Palmer "Live Isle of Wight" --> 7

Geesin, Ron "Music From the Body" --> 5,5

Genesis "Trespass" --> 8,75

Gentle Giant "Gentle Giant" --> 8,75

Gracious "Gracious!" --> 7,75

Haack, Bruce "The Electric Lucifer" --> 4

Hansson, Bo "Lord of the Rings" --> 6

Jethro Tull "Benefit" --> 6,5

King Crimson "In the Wake of Poseidon" --> 8

King Crimson "Lizard" --> 8

McDonald and Giles "McDonald and Giles" --> 7,25

Mutantes "A Divina Comedia Ou" --> 6,5

Nucleus "Elastic Rock" --> 8

Nucleus "We'll Talk About It Later" --> 8

Pink Floyd "Atom Heart Mother" --> 7

Santana "Abraxas" --> 7

Soft Machine "Third" --> 8,5

Stevens, Cat "Tea for the Tillerman" --> 6,75

Supersister "Present From Nancy" --> 7,75

Trees "The Garden of Jane Delawney" --> 6,5

Van der Graaf Generator "H to HE" --> 8,5

Van der Graaf Generator "The Least We Can Do" --> 8,5

Web "I Spider" --> 7

Who, The "Live at Leeds" --> 7
2004-04-28 17:27:31 UTC
Ascoltati e riascoltati per l'occasione...

Beatles, The "Let it Be" : Nove e tre quarti
Bowie, David "The Man Who Sold the World" : Sette
Emerson, Lake and Palmer "Emerson, Lake and Palmer" : Otto e tre quarti
Genesis "Trespass" : Nove
Gentle Giant "Gentle Giant": Otto e mezzo
King Crimson "In the Wake of Poseidon" : Otto e mezzo
King Crimson "Lizard": Otto
King Crimson "Discipline" Nove e mezzo
Orme, Le "L'Aurora" : Nove e mezzo
Pink Floyd "Atom Heart Mother" : Otto
Quatermass "Quatermass" : Otto e mezzo
Traffic "John Barleycorn Must Die" : Otto e tre quarti
Uriah Heep "Uriah Heep (aka Very 'eavy Very 'umble)" Sette e tre quarti
Van der Graaf Generator "The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other": Nove

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i gufi non sono quello che sembrano
2004-04-28 21:48:54 UTC
Post by Saverio
King Crimson "Discipline" Nove e mezzo
volevi vedere se leggo davvero le risposte?
2004-04-30 17:48:07 UTC
- King Crimson "Discipline" Nove e mezzo -]

I Gufi non sono quello che sembrano: - volevi vedere se leggo davvero le

No, è il bambino che è in me - o che io sono: "Discipline" è uno degli
album che sto ascoltando in questo periodo: mi piace sempre di più e
volevo coinvolgerti nel mio entusiasmo comunicandoti il mio "numerico
entusiasmo", pensando che tu leggi davvero le risposte!


questo articolo e` stato inviato via web dal servizio gratuito
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